Portugal Cafés

10/10/2011 20:16

Portuguese people Love  coffee and a refreshing drink, or a light meal.

Lisbon Cafes - Cafe Royale Most Europeans love coffee and cakes, but the Portuguese are the ones who officially spend the most time and money in cafes according to a recent study.

In Lisbon (and all of Portugal), the coffeehouse is an institution. It has been so since the turn of the century when many were the favorite haunts of literary figures. Several hold on to that historical past with their wonderful Art Deco decoration and have become popular tourist attractions.
Every café or traditional pastelaria (pastry shop) serves croissants and pasteis de nata which is the most popular Portuguese pastry. Many also serve light meals along with the popular strong bica (espresso) or milky galão (latte).

But if you also want to enjoy the outdoors as you drink, you'll find an esplanada (pavement cafe) in practically every main street or avenue, and there is usually a kiosk café standing by the several hilltop miradouros (viewpoints) -- the one by Miradouro da Graça is a good choice for a drink at sunset.