Christmas in Portugal - Natal em Portugal

07/12/2011 16:37



Christmas, it has to be said, is a magical experience in Portugal and although it may not be everyone's first choice for a winter holiday, the Portuguese pull out the stops to ensure everyone enjoys the festive period, whether you are young or old.

The majority of cities, towns and villages are decorated with an abundance of lights, Christmas trees and Nativity scenes. And, in some places Christmas carols are piped through the streets providing a very festive feel.

Christmas in Portugal is slightly different to that in the United Kingdom. There is no need for children to wait up for Santa Claus or Pai Natal on Christmas Eve as presents are traditional exchanged on 24th December at midnight.


There are other subtle differences in Portugal including the food consumed during the holiday period. The traditional Christmas feast in Portugal is Bacalhau (dry salted cod) though some families do prepare a host of different dishes including the more traditional British dishes including roast turkey.


  Christmas is largely a family affair and it is not unusual to find up to 30 family members gathered around the table for lunch. In Portugal a feast known as 'consoda' takes place on 24 th december at Dinner time.


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